Why do I write?

Well, this is one question I had never asked myself until now. It had been almost three months since I wrote something, or you can say three months since I last talked to myself. Why has writing been so important for me is a mystery I solved when I took an unplanned break from my habit. It wasn’t easy to realize the missing part of my life, but when I did, it all came back with an explanation, a reason, and most importantly, a determination.

Why do I write? Well, if I say I write to live, I would be blamed for exaggerating my point. It’s not that I make money from my pieces; neither do they bring me any fame. So, putting my life at stake with a habit that is not even a tiny bit of my career will sound stupid to all. But the truth is never that easy to digest. It needs to be comprehended first. When I asked myself repeatedly, I got various reasons, some logical and the other generated by emotions. I looked at them one by one, and here is what I summed up.

Speaking of emotions, which were the primary reason why I started writing, it is quite possible that I write because I am a hell of an emotional person. I have always written substance that I’ve usually been through, or I have seen someone else in that situation; stuff that I have felt for myself, or for someone I’ve known. So, it is emotions that dictate words to my mind and form the foundation of my poetic as well as non-poetic pieces. But, emotion is what I write with, not what I write for. It definitely had to be something else. And here the logical domain of my system overpowered my emotions.

So, logically speaking, if not emotions, it has to be something else that motivated me to write all this time. Money? No, I don’t earn any from writing. Appreciation? Yes, it could be, but I haven’t earned praises for all my writings, and there are several pages that I never made public, because I never wrote anything to please the audience. So then what for I wrote till now?

Staying away from writing made me realize how much I missed it. Three months of no writing took me away from myself, from my thought-process and from my beliefs. And this is when it occurred to me that I write to be myself. Dramatic as it may sound, writing has made me the person who I am today. It has given me an identity for myself. When I pen down a thought in words, I develop a belief in it, and it stays with me forever. I write because it brings me closer to myself, it helps me have a better look at who I am. It’s like a mirror for my soul and mind. And I use it to frame my presence in a piece of paper that may get ruined in the course of time, but the essence of those words stay in my life forever.

So here I am, writing down what I realized today, bringing myself closer to who I was and who I want to be. I am not sure how many of you will be inspired to write after reading this, but if there is anything that brings you closer to yourself, something that is a reason for happiness inside you, then try to recall what it has done for you till now. And if you’ve ever asked yourself this question before, this time you will know the answer.

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