The song of life

” If I say that my life is a music album with each moment being depicted by the melody of a different song, then this is the best music piece my life has ever played for me. I don’t know how long this music is going to last, but it feels like I could listen to it forever. I don’t remember when it started but the more I listen to it the better it gets. It’s the simplest composition I ever heard, yet so deep. These songs that I am hearing are like diminished sounds for others; even if they pay attention it’s hard for them to feel the effect. So whenever I feel like sharing the song with someone, the best way to do so is by singing it for them. The more they like the song the deeper my relation is with them. What if there is a person who listens to my song himself without me having to sing for him? What if he is able to listen to the same music without any effort, probably because it’s a song that wasn’t written only for me? Maybe these songs that I hear are meant to be shared with someone; someone who has a common playlist. Or someone who has the same track playing at the same time as mine. Most of the times it’s hard to locate that person. But what if someday you are listening to the best track of your life and you happen to be sharing it with someone, and you both realize it at the same moment? That music tends to add beauty to the moment, making it harder to let it go. I don’t know what the next music piece is going to be. It might be better than this, it might not be. Once again I might share another track with him; or it might be different from the track that he listens to next. The moment that is about to come might not be the best one in my life. It might be a moment that is meant to be faced alone by me. Should I let go of this moment for fear of the next moment not being as good as this one, or because I might have to listen to the next song alone, all by myself? Is my greed for the next moment worth spoiling the melody of this current track? Is this music the real reason for my happiness or is it the person with whom I am sharing this moment? Will another moment with this person bring me the same happiness? I really want this moment to last, but what if it is supposed to end? Can’t I live in this moment for as long as I have it? Is it unfair to grab the moment that life has itself placed ahead of me? Or is it just an illusion, a dream that I am seeing, a music that I have created for myself? It is so strange how a sudden knock of happiness on your door can make you insecure about the feelings that might visit you later. Maybe living this moment unconditionally will help me in keeping it to myself forever. Maybe all I need to do is wish for this moment to stay. Maybe the song I am hearing is something I actually wanted to hear. It might be possible that life is trying to give me what I really wanted; all I need to do is accept it without questioning its durability. “

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