Taking it back

His hands gently rested on the side of her waist as she slightly began to lean on his shoulder. His touch was softer than the silk on her body. She closed her eyes as his fingers ran along the crease of her dress. She was in another world. It was a world where she would build her future as she had dreamt of it. She knew this wouldn’t last long. The grip of his hands tightened and she went deeper into her dream. Her heart danced to the music that fell on her ears and she felt the moment freeze. She hoped to have this moment forever, for this was her dream. She could feel his eyes upon her. She always knew when he was looking at her, his eyes spoke things to her that he couldn’t say. It had become a habit; she could read his mind in his eyes. Their conversations were no longer bound by words. He continued to caress her with the playfulness of his fingers. His hands slipped into her hair, trying to put the strands from her forehead to the back of her ears. The silence between them dictated the ballet of their story. He bent towards her and looked her in the eyes. She could feel his lips utter words of love as he laid a kiss on her forehead. She stared into his eyes; she could see the pain he was going through. They both knew they weren’t meant to be. But this was something she wouldn’t accept- at least not in this moment. One day she would but until that day came, she decided not to think of it. He thought about it; he often did. He didn’t want to hurt her. He knew this would end badly. He thought of it again and looked away from her, as if taking back the promises that were never made. She lowered her eyes. A tear tried to escape her eyes but she held it back. It was time to come out of the dream. The moment melted back into reality. It was meant to pass away. They exchanged glances yet again, only this time his eyes chose to be silent.

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