As they pass by

I close my eyes and thoughts come by

I feel and smile, laugh and cry

The thoughts might stay for a while

Tired of dreaming, I find my hidden eye

I see myself lost in a thought

I'm wrecked, broken, trapped and caught

Until I observe and let them fly

And now I'm free as they pass by

The Conflict

Look at me, what do you see-

Anger, power or a dangerous me?

None of these I am, but you may be

Because that is what your eyes see

My eyes are dark, my wings are strong

My mouth is sharp and I can fly long

But under the demon, as you see me-

I'm a birdĀ of peace and honour, flying free.


I am peace

Loud and clear is the peace around,

Here comes a silence killing all the sounds

Embrace it for as long as it stays

For moments, for hours or for days

As long as you want it will stay with you

For this silence has the secret that is pure and true