A reason to live

‘She would have kept speaking for another hour without pause had she not felt that strong urge to look up. She raised her eyelids and there he was, touching her with his admiring glance. No one had ever been able to do that to her. She forgot what she was speaking and blushed. For the first time she did not demand herself to explain this feeling. Somehow it felt right; the moment was enchanting. She had not asked for this, but he walked right into her life when she had closed the doors to all emotions. Her life seemed so beautiful that she couldn’t help but lose herself to the embracing warmth of the moment. She could hear music in the restful moment of silence- the music that brought back life to her, such was his essence. Only if she had a little more time, she would tell him how she felt. Nonetheless, she would spend the remaining few days of her life holding onto this moment. But to live her last days with a newly found reason of life was going to be hard. ’

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