A different person

” It was not the best way to say goodbye. A letter was all she could make out of everything that was on her mind, everything that was turning her into this person. A person who was as strange to her as to anyone else. She had been behaving differently of lately, with everyone around and more frustratingly with herself. Maybe it was just a mood swing, but do mood swings last this long? Why couldn’t she be normal like her family- look after home, meet the same people, do that same job every day and be happy like everyone, or at least pretend to be happy if that is what they usually do. It’s not that she didn’t try; she did. It was a life she always wanted, to be a person that the society appreciates, to be the perfect social animal. She looked at herself the way she pictured the world looking at her. Some time back it was easy, she could be whatever people wanted her to be. It made her happy. Now she wants to avoid looking- it’s scary to look in the mirror and see someone else look back at you. She doesn’t know where to find the same old reflection- the one that she had been seeing for a long long time. Sometimes in between, it does seem to reappear, but it’s hazy. She can’t make it stay. What if she never gets it back? What if she’s no longer that person the world liked? What if she never was that person? When did she become so bold to ask herself these questions, and bolder to look for their answers. It’s a big step; she knows. There might be a lot of complications. If she had been the same old person, she wouldn’t have had the courage to do this. The decision to explore herself was a beginning of the journey to her answers. With a tear rolling down to find its way to her lips, she kept the piece of paper on her desk. It was a heavy moment; she closed her eyes and took a sigh of relief. At that moment she knew she would return a different person. “

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