Our Vision

In this fast growing world, with technology surrounding us on all sides, we hold a vision of decorating our world with art, poetry and culture dipped in syrups of passion. With technology making our lives easier, but people getting busier in their lives, we strive to bring back the effervescence in faces around us. After all, it’s true that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Our Approach

So we talked about passion, about bringing back the lost smiles, but how do we do it? Well, what soothes the eyes is what brings a smile. There might be a lot of things that bring happiness to each one of us, but what we use as a means to bring peace to you are art, travel and poetry. It’s for you to see, read and explore, for your heart to grow and love what is around you. We just make a tiny effort to bring the beauty of this world to you.

Our Story

Our story is same as yours. Everyone has a passion, so do we. When we realised that our passion can make our life more beautiful, that was the day we started to embrace it. We will grow as our passion grows and the world will grow with us.